My Best Self, part 2

My Best Self, part 2
Facebook Live
gsofct@home Facebook Group, CT 06106, US
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Join us for My Best Self, part 2!

During these this Facebook Live Event, we'll complete My Best Self badge from Tuesday's, 2:00 pm Afternoon Adventure. We'll complete steps 1, & 3 with Linda and then step 5 with Jeanette at the Woodbury Ambulance Headquarters.

With Linda we'll focus on what makes you unique, making healthy food & beverage choices, and energy in/energy out. In step 5, Jeanette takes us on a tour of an ambulance!

(Since this is a Facebook Live event, there is no real "event registration" but you must be a member of gsofct@home Facebook group. See info below)

Please have on hand for steps 1& 3:

  • paper and drawing tools
  • a paper plate (or another paper cut in a large circle), scissors, glue stick/glue/tape, and a variety of food pictures from magazines, grocery fliers, hand drawn, or printed from online (please try to represent each food group)
If you aren't a member yet, go to & request to become one (please answer the questions so that we are able to verify that you or your girl is a member of GSOFCT)
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